The Troubles

Pankas' Last Log

This is why you should not tease people with low self esteem

After Hugo saved the world by slaying Lamashtu. There was a great celebration where everyone agreed that Hugo was the true hero of this world. During the celebration, people noticed Pankas was missing. After a quick search they came across Hugo hunched over Pankas lifeless body. His wrist clearly slit. In Hugo hand was a letter which read.


For months now every night when I close my eyes I see ghost. The ghosts are the people I have killed.

First 50,000 innocent of lives were killed in Backwashington. Lives that I killed for no other reason, than I didn’t want to be there. True Backwash took us against our will but can Backwash’s sin against me be used to justify my actions which lead to death of thousands.

In Lenton we pretended to be hero’s. However our actions did not justify that claim. First we did nothing as demon flew away with a child under our protection. At Westerfall Keep we hide in the safety of the walls as we watched the Letonians get slaughtered. I will never forget that slaughter. I will never forget Mary FishCouldron death. It is always the first memory to haunt me every night when I go to sleep.

Next our trusted ally Bradon died. Then a Gorum a god died. Even Immortals are not immune to my incompetence.

Next we went back to Westerfall keep and stole their only means of protect themselves. To make it worse we promised them we would come back to help. Months later that promise has yet to be fulfilled. I imagine Westerfall keep surrounded by enemies clutching to the belief that help will come but it won’t. No promise ever made by my cursed self could ever help anyone. No a promise made by Pankas Longstrider only means death.

Now comes my deepest regret, my deepest sin. A sin that happened on an island hundreds of miles from nowhere. I knew the village was under attack, I knew people were being slaughtered but I froze and watched as the town was massacred. When my allies returned, I played dumb and pretended I didn’t know about the attack but I knew. My comrades may believe my story but I know the truth I know I deserve to die for my inaction that day.

Later we would destroy the last dwarven city, another 800 dead. What is 800 more people to me, what is 800 to man who killed and betrayed thousands. As I watched the city crumble I almost laughed out loud. What is 800 more deaths to my soul a soul that clearly has long ago lost the right to live.

These sins cannot be washed away. I can no longer pray as the gods themselves might be the only people more guilty of genocide to me. I know death is my only option. If I was stronger I would of killed myself months ago but it was fear of the afterlife that kept me alive. Fear that I would have to answer for my sort coming, my sins. Now Hugo has killed the last god. There is no afterlife. There are no clerics left to bring me back. Death is now final and absolute. I will finally have my escape.


After Hugo read the note, a rift opened up and six red cloaked elven volley ball players appeared. They picked up Pankas’ body and together with Hugo and the life body disappeared never to be seen again.



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