The Troubles

[3-9] Hero's Log: Peacemaker Chronicles

Our group debated over and over as to which promise we would keep first: Kill the red worm Aurumux so the remaining inhabitants of Westerfall Keep would be welcomed at Delgrag (to whom we promised we would return and help them) OR travel to Brighton Forest to find Zon-Kuthon and confront Asmodeus & Norgorber.

While deciding on our course of action was very difficult, reasoning with King Tognis was quite simple. We all agreed that we would travel to Brighton Forest and should the red worm attack Delgrag, Nethys would alert Pankas, who would teleport us back to Delgrag to kill it.

With Calistria alongside us, Pankas began teleporting us just outside Brighton Forest. As we debated how best to proceed and what direction to take, Calistia snuck off ahead of us. Trying to catch up to her, we encountered a snake-bodied fiend with a woman’s torso, 6 sword bearing arms, and glittery eyes. Even a magical wall of blades was not enough to prevent us from being victorious once again in battle.

After the battle, we noticed a dark figure up in the trees talking to us in a mocking tone. Believing it to be Zon-Kuthon, I tried to convince him to come with us to see his half-sister Shelyn. Tetsuotoko, growing ever more weary of the god’s antics fired an arrow in him, before continuing to track Calistria.

Eventually Zon-Kuthon revealed himself and agreed to accompany us through the forest. After some time we came upon two huts and I spotted Calistria sneaking around the back of one. Knowing her quest for vengeance against Asmodeus and Norgorber I hurried to find out what she was up to. The rest of the group played support roles (hiding, making noise on horseback, and having dwarf arguments).

Finding the first hut empty, she rushed by me and into the second hut. As I entered I found she had already attacked one of the inhabitants and intended to hand out more vengeance. Failing to get the situation under control by reasoning with her, I was left no choice but to continually trip her and Norgorber as Asmodeus disappeared. Eventually the rest of the group came to the hut and we were able to stop the situation from getting out of hand. It surprises even myself to utter those words!



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