The Troubles

[3-10] Hero's Log: Scion Slayer Chronicles

With the situation in hut diffused, we began to explain to Norgorber our purpose for finding him and Asmodeus. As Norgorber questioned our motives and plan, I explained how I had prevented Calistria from exacting her revenge on him, proving we meant no harm. Tetsuotoko plainly added that our request was not optional, given his current mortal state. At the conclusion of this conversation, Asmodeus reappeared outside the hut and agreed to join us, preventing us from having to track him down. Given that Pankas needed to rest for the night before we could all teleport back to the dwarves, we split up into two groups amongst the huts and retired for the evening.

During my watch, Asmodeus confided that the two of them had been trying to put together the same poison as was used in the heavens. His concern was that if Lamashtu were also banished using the poison, that SarenRae would be the only god left amongst the heavens and feared the balance might never be restored.

In the morning the group teleported back to Delgrag with Zon, Asmodeus and Norgorber. After the gods were properly calmed down, discussions began about how to proceed. Once the poison were finished, if Rovagug were loosed, Lamashtu would have no choice but to battle him to prevent him from destroying everything she has worked to take over. Were she to defeat him, we could then use the poison on her in her weakened state. With Lamashtu banished from the heavens, SarenRae would be able to focus her power on fully restoring the heavens. Iomedae also said that a second dose could be worked on in parallel, that could deal with Rovegug, should that need arise as well.

With ten days or so still needed to complete the poison, the group patrolled Delgrag intent on defending it should Aurumux return. I was able to speak to quite a few dwarven craftsmen, and it seems a “Shepherd of the gods” statue is well within their abilities.

After a period of time, we all felt tremors. With a crash, Aurumux broke through a wall and the battle was on. He swallowed Bruin and Tetsuotoko, who both deftly cut themselves out its belly. After it grabbed me in its maw, I stuck the felling blow and killed the scion. With Aurumux defeated, the battle continued as more holes were blasted into the city walls and streams of gnomes poured through.

We battled the gnomes until Rovagug broke through and the city began collapsing. We retreated out of the city with the gods and made it out, above ground. Our numbers currently stand at about 100, and Norgorber still has the poison.



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