The Troubles

[8] Pankas Log 4

Gods must be Crazy

After days of sickness, I am finally feeling better. I blame Sarenrae she must have sensed my dislike for the gods and sent this plague upon me. The world would despair if they knew Desna died my ass. The world has already forgotten the gods. Who cares about dreams when every waking moment is a nightmare?
In my delusional state, I was able to reflect upon my summoning and realized some of the mistakes I had been making. By changing my technique, I believe I can summon more powerful creatures. Perhaps I can even summon the elf like creatures Bralani Azata. According to Hugo these Bralani are powerful healers and more reliable than others.
During my sickness I was also finally able to finish analyzing that potion that I “borrowed” from Hassad Turrass. I believe I can replicate that enlargement potion in mass. Larger allies are larger meat shields so this should extend my life long enough to figure out what happened to the populace of Backwashington.
On reaching Big tree we meet two demons, which were very polite and nice. I would have liked them if they didn’t want to eat us. Eventually, Colton provoked them and we killed one of them while the other one escaped. During a subsequent battle, we learned that Babau demons can see invisible creatures and that Beldor cannot.
After the battle we met the brewer who Hugo fawned all over. The Brewer was in the middle of trying to rescue someone but was vague upon who he was trying to rescue. I suspect Desna. Our group has decided to not directly ask about his divinity and instead help him rescue his friend.



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