The Troubles

[7] Beldor's inescapable distance

moment of solitude

After the previous battle and the large loss of life to the group we were protecting, Dagna had come to me with a vision from Garyx. It has been many years since Garyx had spoke to me through Dagna. As I am one that loves flames and my great great grandfather Drakus was a half dragon, i am one of the few “humans” Garyx pays any attention to, as he does not pay to much attention to Clerics or worshipers, he finds my devotion far more interesting. When I was in the womb i had visions of Garyx, never know until Dagna had come to me.
This has been the first time since, that these visions became visible to me again. I do not yet know what this means or have any understanding. All that I know is that continuing on this path and the destruction of Fire and Flame I will continue to unleash will only bring me closer to my god and heritage. And as always I have my permanent link to Dagna to help me along my jurney

Beldor – a reflection



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