The Troubles

[7] Hugos Log # 1

A Noble Quest

Tallenvasser proved to be largely empty with only one jug of sweet liquid gold. Not worth a 3 day march at all, but still better than the disaster as Westerfall keep

While courting a beautiful female ape with a muscular large hairy back side on the Elysium plane I was summoned back to the material plane by Pankas. The smell of gnoll human and dwarf blood permeated the whole area as a mighty battle was fought here as witnessed by the Gnoll corpses strung about the area. More surprisingly, the smell of Pankas’ blood, wafted strongly off UlfgardUllfgard Berzerker Sword. Maybe Pankas’ constant moaning about Backwashington finally snapped the dwarf. The Yeth Hound that was tracking us was not found among the dead so we must assume we are still being tracked.

Siofra, and Colton were missing from the party and listening to the comments, It appears that Siofra has truly lost her mind. Traveling west into the night we eventaully caught up to Siofra and Colton. Siofra agreed to let the party sleep and I was sent back to my plane to continue my courtship.

The next day we traveled west into increasingly wooded terrain that eventually lead a a small clearing. Sarenrae was in the clearing and from here we learned the fate of the other gods. Apparently, Lamashtu, Asmodeus, Norgorber conspired to kill the other gods. First they killed Desna, god of dreams. When the other gods met to discuss they were all ambushed, except for Sarenrae who had left the meeting on disgust. During the ambush Lamashtu, turned on Asmodus and Norgorber, and tried to slay all the gods at once. To the best of Sarenrae knowledge, some of the gods may still be alive in a weakened human state. She has charged us with finding them and bringing them back to Sarenrae.

Pankas believes the brewer who lived outside of Lenton was really the god, Cayden Cailean. Cayden, is the god of liquid gold, and therefore, is the only god truly worthy of being called a god. Surely, if we rescue him, he could find a way to bring Beer and smokes to the Elysium plane. If I convince him to do such a feat surely they will make me king. All Hail King Hugo, Bringer of the Keg.



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