The Troubles

[7] God help us

So here we are at Tallenvasser, yet another scene of death and destruction. Man this is getting old. I really just want to find some gold and get back home. Unfortunately, the group I’m with seems more intent on saving the world. It’s almost like they have a guilty conscience or something. The party, on the advice of Braden, felt it would be best if we headed west into the woods. Braden felt this would be the safer course. More wrong he could not have been. Shortly after setting up camp we were ambushed by a rather large party of gnolls. Fortunately we were able to dispatch them without taking to many hurts, as most of us were armorless. At the conclusion of the battle our good cleric Siofra went batshit crazy yet again, and took of into the forest. Colton decided to have Pankass conjur up a steed and took off after her, leaving all his belongings behind. Had the party not been paying attention I would have ruffled through his belongings to see what was worth pilfering, ha ha. Once the party was all back together, we continued west until we came to a peaceful clearing. Here we encountered an incorporeal head floating near a tree, whom we were led to believe was Sarenrae. She told some story about the gods betrayal, blah, blah, blah, death, fighting, blah, need help, blah. Not one time did I hear an offer of gold or some other reward, but yet again these fools I’m with want to run back to Lenton to see if the brewer is actually a god. Hmmm, I have an idea. If things don’t start looking up, maybe I’ll talk to this Lamashtu dude. Maybe he has some gold, and can get me home, hehehe.



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