The Troubles

Pankas' Last Log
This is why you should not tease people with low self esteem

After Hugo saved the world by slaying Lamashtu. There was a great celebration where everyone agreed that Hugo was the true hero of this world. During the celebration, people noticed Pankas was missing. After a quick search they came across Hugo hunched over Pankas lifeless body. His wrist clearly slit. In Hugo hand was a letter which read.


For months now every night when I close my eyes I see ghost. The ghosts are the people I have killed.

First 50,000 innocent of lives were killed in Backwashington. Lives that I killed for no other reason, than I didn’t want to be there. True Backwash took us against our will but can Backwash’s sin against me be used to justify my actions which lead to death of thousands.

In Lenton we pretended to be hero’s. However our actions did not justify that claim. First we did nothing as demon flew away with a child under our protection. At Westerfall Keep we hide in the safety of the walls as we watched the Letonians get slaughtered. I will never forget that slaughter. I will never forget Mary FishCouldron death. It is always the first memory to haunt me every night when I go to sleep.

Next our trusted ally Bradon died. Then a Gorum a god died. Even Immortals are not immune to my incompetence.

Next we went back to Westerfall keep and stole their only means of protect themselves. To make it worse we promised them we would come back to help. Months later that promise has yet to be fulfilled. I imagine Westerfall keep surrounded by enemies clutching to the belief that help will come but it won’t. No promise ever made by my cursed self could ever help anyone. No a promise made by Pankas Longstrider only means death.

Now comes my deepest regret, my deepest sin. A sin that happened on an island hundreds of miles from nowhere. I knew the village was under attack, I knew people were being slaughtered but I froze and watched as the town was massacred. When my allies returned, I played dumb and pretended I didn’t know about the attack but I knew. My comrades may believe my story but I know the truth I know I deserve to die for my inaction that day.

Later we would destroy the last dwarven city, another 800 dead. What is 800 more people to me, what is 800 to man who killed and betrayed thousands. As I watched the city crumble I almost laughed out loud. What is 800 more deaths to my soul a soul that clearly has long ago lost the right to live.

These sins cannot be washed away. I can no longer pray as the gods themselves might be the only people more guilty of genocide to me. I know death is my only option. If I was stronger I would of killed myself months ago but it was fear of the afterlife that kept me alive. Fear that I would have to answer for my sort coming, my sins. Now Hugo has killed the last god. There is no afterlife. There are no clerics left to bring me back. Death is now final and absolute. I will finally have my escape.


After Hugo read the note, a rift opened up and six red cloaked elven volley ball players appeared. They picked up Pankas’ body and together with Hugo and the life body disappeared never to be seen again.

[3-10] Hero's Log: Scion Slayer Chronicles

With the situation in hut diffused, we began to explain to Norgorber our purpose for finding him and Asmodeus. As Norgorber questioned our motives and plan, I explained how I had prevented Calistria from exacting her revenge on him, proving we meant no harm. Tetsuotoko plainly added that our request was not optional, given his current mortal state. At the conclusion of this conversation, Asmodeus reappeared outside the hut and agreed to join us, preventing us from having to track him down. Given that Pankas needed to rest for the night before we could all teleport back to the dwarves, we split up into two groups amongst the huts and retired for the evening.

During my watch, Asmodeus confided that the two of them had been trying to put together the same poison as was used in the heavens. His concern was that if Lamashtu were also banished using the poison, that SarenRae would be the only god left amongst the heavens and feared the balance might never be restored.

In the morning the group teleported back to Delgrag with Zon, Asmodeus and Norgorber. After the gods were properly calmed down, discussions began about how to proceed. Once the poison were finished, if Rovagug were loosed, Lamashtu would have no choice but to battle him to prevent him from destroying everything she has worked to take over. Were she to defeat him, we could then use the poison on her in her weakened state. With Lamashtu banished from the heavens, SarenRae would be able to focus her power on fully restoring the heavens. Iomedae also said that a second dose could be worked on in parallel, that could deal with Rovegug, should that need arise as well.

With ten days or so still needed to complete the poison, the group patrolled Delgrag intent on defending it should Aurumux return. I was able to speak to quite a few dwarven craftsmen, and it seems a “Shepherd of the gods” statue is well within their abilities.

After a period of time, we all felt tremors. With a crash, Aurumux broke through a wall and the battle was on. He swallowed Bruin and Tetsuotoko, who both deftly cut themselves out its belly. After it grabbed me in its maw, I stuck the felling blow and killed the scion. With Aurumux defeated, the battle continued as more holes were blasted into the city walls and streams of gnomes poured through.

We battled the gnomes until Rovagug broke through and the city began collapsing. We retreated out of the city with the gods and made it out, above ground. Our numbers currently stand at about 100, and Norgorber still has the poison.

[3-9] Hero's Log: Peacemaker Chronicles

Our group debated over and over as to which promise we would keep first: Kill the red worm Aurumux so the remaining inhabitants of Westerfall Keep would be welcomed at Delgrag (to whom we promised we would return and help them) OR travel to Brighton Forest to find Zon-Kuthon and confront Asmodeus & Norgorber.

While deciding on our course of action was very difficult, reasoning with King Tognis was quite simple. We all agreed that we would travel to Brighton Forest and should the red worm attack Delgrag, Nethys would alert Pankas, who would teleport us back to Delgrag to kill it.

With Calistria alongside us, Pankas began teleporting us just outside Brighton Forest. As we debated how best to proceed and what direction to take, Calistia snuck off ahead of us. Trying to catch up to her, we encountered a snake-bodied fiend with a woman’s torso, 6 sword bearing arms, and glittery eyes. Even a magical wall of blades was not enough to prevent us from being victorious once again in battle.

After the battle, we noticed a dark figure up in the trees talking to us in a mocking tone. Believing it to be Zon-Kuthon, I tried to convince him to come with us to see his half-sister Shelyn. Tetsuotoko, growing ever more weary of the god’s antics fired an arrow in him, before continuing to track Calistria.

Eventually Zon-Kuthon revealed himself and agreed to accompany us through the forest. After some time we came upon two huts and I spotted Calistria sneaking around the back of one. Knowing her quest for vengeance against Asmodeus and Norgorber I hurried to find out what she was up to. The rest of the group played support roles (hiding, making noise on horseback, and having dwarf arguments).

Finding the first hut empty, she rushed by me and into the second hut. As I entered I found she had already attacked one of the inhabitants and intended to hand out more vengeance. Failing to get the situation under control by reasoning with her, I was left no choice but to continually trip her and Norgorber as Asmodeus disappeared. Eventually the rest of the group came to the hut and we were able to stop the situation from getting out of hand. It surprises even myself to utter those words!

[3-8] Hero's Log: Shepherd Chronicles

We healed up, regrouped and headed back into the cavern to track down Aurumux, this time using its most recent entry point. We traveled through tunnel after tunnel, reaching caverns similar to the ones we encountered before. More tiny centipedes were killed, though Pankas’ genocidal talents failed him for once as his fire elemental was rather ineffective at burning up all the centipedes.

With that we encountered and killed a purple worm, myself landing the most effective strikes and killing blow. Hours and hours passed as we continued on through the tunnels, unable to find Aurumux. Just as we were debating camping inside the tunnels for the night, we spotted some twilight ahead. The tunnel came out of the mountain by a lake!

We setup camp and took watches, unsure what time it truly was. Van spotted some humans along side of the lake and the group decided to approach them in the morning. By this point, I had determined that we had likely reached The End.

Conversations were had with these people, and without a statue-maker among them, they were quite boring. Eventually two among the people made themselves known as the gods Erastil and Calistria. An open forum was held to discuss our plan to go back to Delgrag and meet up with the other gods. With this a woman came charging into the settlement, who turned out to be another of the gods, Shelyn. She had been out looking for her half-brother Zon-Kuthon and found Asmodeus and Norgorber in Brighton Forest. She was captured and tortured, but eventually managed to get away.

We all agreed to go back through the tunnels to Delgrag, then decide upon our next course (likely heading to Brighton Forest to find Zon-Kuthon and confront Asmodeus & Norgorber). Though we took a few wrong turns here and there, we eventually did make it back to Delgrag with everyone in one piece, amazing!

Our current checklist:

  • Erastil LG “Old Deadeye”
    Found in The End with Calistria, brought back to the god-herd at Delgrag
  • Iomedae LG “Light of the Sword”
    Found battling demons at Westerfall Keep, currently in the god-herd at Delgrag
  • Torag LG “Father of Creation”
    Met outside Torag, currently in the god-herd at Delgrag
  • Shelyn NG “The Eternal Rose”
    Found in The End after escaping from Asmodeus & Norgorber, brought back to Delgrag
  • Sarenrae NG “The Dawnflower”
    Currently MIA after besting Lamashtu in battle
  • Cayden Cailean CG “The Lucky Drunk”
    Currently in the god-herd at Delgrag
  • Desna CG “The Great Dreamer”
    Destroyed by the three at the sabatage
  • Abadar LN “Judge of the Gods”
    Found at Westerfall Keep, currently in the god-herd at Delgrag
  • Irori LN “Master of Masters”
    Found along the road from Lenton to the West Coast, currently in the god-herd at Delgrag
  • Gozreh N “The Wind and the Waves”
    Zaeb from the island, currently in the god-herd at Delgrag
  • Nethys N “The All-Seeing Eye”
    Found in the Great Desert, currently in the god-herd at Delgrag
  • Pharasma N “Lady of Graves”
    Found in Old Felton, currently in the god-herd at Delgrag
  • Calistria CN “The Savored Sting”
    Found in The End with Erastil, brought back to the god-herd at Delgrag
  • Gorum CN “Lord in Iron”
    Died in pit fighting demons on his own
  • Asmodeus LE “Prince of Darkness”
    Had captured Shelyn, believed to be in Brighton Forest with Norgorber
  • Zon-Kuthon LE “The Dark Prince”
    Shelyn was looking for her half-brother in Brighton Forest when she was captured
  • Norgorber NE “The Gray Master”
    Had captured Shelyn, believed to be in Brighton Forest with Asmodeus
  • Urgathoa NE “The Pallid Princess”
    Found outside the grove, currently in the god-herd at Delgrag
  • Lamashtu CE “Demon Mother”
    Fought at the grove, currently MIA
  • Rovagug CE “The Rough Beast”
    Believed to be contained in the Great Desert caves, battled Aurumux the worm, his scion
[3-7] Hero's Log: Spelunking Chronicles

After fending off the giant worm the dwarves seemed more receptive to our arrival. We were introduced to a whole bunch of dwarves, Tober, the head of the army Bolie, High Mage Lieber, Bruin Ironbeard and the bald King Tognis.

The King was actually a most gracious host, keeping the fine dwarven ale flowing and sending alchemists to help our strength-sapping afflictions. Pankas has started coming out of his shell as of late, first demanding that the King house and protect the inhabitants of Westerfall Keep, then later negotiating their protection in exchange for us taking care of the worm problem.

When some of the godly members of our party piped up that the worm was likely Aurumux, scion of Rovegug, the group debated how to use that knowledge to our advantage. Confusing our previous mission of retrieving Nethys (who had visited Rovegug’s prison) with freeing Rovegug, we initially set forth to attempt to approach Aurumux diplomatically. We would let it know where Rovegug was imprisoned and then help it free him. Once we remembered that we really did not want to free Rovegug at this time, our plan reverted back to tracking and slaying the worm in the tunnels.

The dwarves sent Bruin Ironbeard with us to help track down Aurumux. His first course of action was to identify the oldest(!) tunnel for us to traverse. After busting into the tunnel and navigating the labyrinth, we reached a steep cavern wall littered with small centipedes at the bottom.

Our solution to this obstacle proved quite complicated, requiring multiple phantom steeds and much rope. As our group split in two, with myself and Tetsuotoko having yet crossed the cavern, a pair of titan centipedes appeared and attacked the rest of the party. Pankas retreated while the others charged into battle. Fortunately, Pankas did cast a spell allowing Hugo to fly back to us and ferry me and Tetsuotoko into battle. While we were then able to kill the titans, Ullfgard was immobilized by their poison. With pincers, meaty segments, and Ullfgard in tow, we returned back to the city to heal up and regroup.

[3-6] Hero's Log: Spinless Weasel Dwarf Chronicles

After much discussion about returning to Westerfall Keep or going to Delgrag, we all finally agreed to head to the mountain city. Pankas was the loudest dissenter, which is odd given his less than compassionate response to being responsible for the island being wiped out.

Our first hiccup along the way came on the night of the second day of the journey. I was awakened by the watch to witness a 35 foot tall winged tiger monster descend from the sky and attack the group. I instructed the group to utilize the nearby boulders and surround the beast. With the beast nearly defeated, a second one joined the fray. One of their attacks towards the end of the battle seemed to drain my strength from me. Clearly the beasts possess at least a moderate intellect to target this attack at the strongest in battle.

In the morning, this condition still lingered, manifesting its effectiveness further when Pankas was able to defeat me in arm wrestling. The rest of the journey was a miserable experience between my strength being sapped and sunshine nowhere to be found.

Finally we made it to the mountains and met Torag. He led us through the 400 foot descent into the city of Delgrag. Once at the city gates, the cowardly, godless dwarves refused us entry. After calmly explaining that they needed to get past their cowardice and that I would gladly meet with their mothers to discuss their failures as parents, the confrontation became heated.

The tiny, smelly creatures changed their opinion of our group as soon as a giant centipede smashed through the wall and they needed to be saved.

The only bright-side of things is that based on the stonework of this city, these dwarves should be able to build magnificent statues in my our honor.

Is Pankas the muscle of the party?
Is Pankas the muscle of the party?

After making the tough decision that it was best to save the gods and let Westerfall Keep get slaughtered we headed north to the dwarven city. That night, we ran into two giant flying beasts. During the fight Hugo was hit and he claims his strength was sapped from him. The next morning after the attack I noticed Van and Colton struggling to put on their packs. On a hunch I decided to test their strength, and shockingly I realized they were much weaker than the night before. The beast must have permanently sapped their strength. I remember in my younger days hearing about creatures such as these and that only a powerful cleric could cure them, unfortunately there are no more clerics alive.

The next day we met Torag, and entered the dwarven city. They say Torag is prepared for everything, however he was not prepared to find a way into the city, as the guards showed him the same respect I show the gods and refused to let him into the city. During this conversation Van walked through a wall and came out the other side. This resulted in a scuffle, where reason and logic was lost. During the scuffle I tried to summon, but it proved impossible. Could being surrounded by stone block the gateways? Or did I just get unlucky? The commotion ended when a Giant centipede attacked and our party united with the dwarves to attack it and eventually we repealed it. Now, we are once again surrounded by dwarven guards, I just hope our party chooses diplomacy over fighting this time.

[3-5] Hero's Log: Divinity Chronicles

With the island in ruins we searched to find survivors. The only living beings left on the island were Pankas and Beldor, who were apparently on the other side of the island practicing their magics while everyone else was being slaughtered. How very heroic of them.

With nothing left for us on the island, we decided to all travel back to the mainland to search Brighton. With Gozreh and the dozen sailors aboard, we had a thankfully quiet trip. Of course Brighton was in ruins when we arrived. We decided that we would utilize Pankas’ teleportation every evening to transport a few of group to the grove as we made our way back. That first night Pankas returned with Nethys and their powers combined allowed the rest of the group to be teleported to the secondary grove.

In that grove we found ourselves surrounded by all type of undead; skeletons, ghouls and zombies. While not aggressive toward us initially, I approached the hoard to see if I could pass through. At that, a pale skinned, black haired woman passed through the hoard toward us, introducing herself as Urgathoa.

She explained that she had built an army to battle the demons by gathering the souls of the slaughtered who seek revenge. I was unable to clarify to her the difference between a noble cause and revenge, as she prattled on about her great army. Knowing that Urgathoa has counted Sarenrae and Pharasma amongst her enemies, we were hesitant to lead her along with her army back to the grove. She sarcastically agreed to leave them behind and accompany us.

Along the way Van kept watch at the end of the group and spotted some members of her army attempting to sneak along our trail. They showed themselves to be more comical than harmful as they clumsily plodded along, believing their actions stealthy while occasionally falling down and breaking a skeleton bone here and there.

It wasn’t long after we reached the grove that more and more of her army followed, surrounding us. Their harmlessness was on full display as the battle sounds of the demons echoed through the surrounding forest. All of the various type of demons we had battled in our adventures so far descended upon the grove. It was a bloody battle, but we fought valiantly and had the upper hand. That was until the Mother of Monsters, Lamashtu joined the fray. Taking the form of a jackal headed woman, pregnant, and with a third eye, she twirled her twin blades with deadly result. Beldor’s head was her first casualty as she charged toward the other deities. At that Sarenrae appeared. Her form must larger than before, the glare of brilliant sunlight shining off of her. Sarenrae and Lamashtu faced off as other battles subsided to the awe of this spectacle. Their magic visibly clashed between the two like two oceans colliding. After this most glorious display, Sarenrae emerged victorious, expelling Lamashtu from the grove.

Able to restore Beldor’s life and the rest of our health, her powers were greatly consumed. She told us that she had found Torag and we needed to head to a dwarven city in the mountains that only Ullfgard had heard of before. With that, we readied ourselves for another journey, this time through low light and stormy weather.

Decision with two sides of Genocide
The first morning on the island Hugo came up to tell me that his native plane was under attack by hellish monsters. He wanted to fight in the resistance and would be unavailable for a while.

That day when my companions went on a 6 day scouting expedition, I decided to stay back, as without Hugo I would be useless. Deciding to use this time to commune with the planes I set, up a camp about 3 miles from town and put myself into a deep trance.

The next 6 days were the most exhausting days of my life, as my mind reached out and felt the actual fabric of the planes wondering through one planer reality after another. Many planes felt natural but others felt twisted beyond all recognition. It appeared that slowly these twisted planes might be in the process of being merged into one hellish plane filled with fire and brimstone, however due to my lack of understanding I cannot be sure that this was what was happening. When my trance finally ended six days later I saw smoke rising from the village and ran as fast was could toward the village.

I arrived at the village right as the ship with my companions returned, only to find the village destroyed, dead bodies everywhere. I set about burying the bodies. Counting each body one by one, 57 men, 71 women and 68 children. As best as I can figure, the men and women gathered their children into one of the larger buildings for protection. Once all the adults were killed the demons seemed to take their time, slowly torturing the children for their own hellish amusement. I cannot be sure of this but the children bodies seemed to be filled with lots shallow gut wounds indicating the demons were playing with their kills children for a while. Backwashington, Lenten, most likely Westerfall keep, Gorum and now this town, all dead because of our my failures.

My only solace was our expedition lead to the survival 12 sailors. I just hope we can keep them alive.

Meeting up with my companions we decided to head to Brighton. Brighton was destroyed so, I decided to start teleporting some of our allies, to the grove. Taking the weakest 3 sailors I teleported back to the clearing and walked to the grove. There after discussions with the “Gods” we decided that if Nethys joined me we could probably teleport the whole party in one trip. Nethys teleported back with us and by combining Nethys power with mine and Beldor’s power we were able to teleport the whole party back. At the clearing we met Urgathoa, and her undead “Army”. Urgathoa was gathering an army to help break the siege at Westerfall keep, but after some discussion she agreed to come with us to the grove and leave her army behind.

At the grove, we met with the other gods and were immediately, attacked by a large demon hoard. The battle was long and hard, during which many of the “gods” almost died. The only actual deaths were the 12 sailors all killed. At the end of the battle Lamashtu appeared and killed Beldor, only to have SarenRae appear and banish Lamashtu and revive Beldor. SarenRae seemed unconcerned about the12 sailors, as they had not yet proved to be useful puppets to her. Without even bothering to check if any of the sailors lived she told us to protect the gods by heading north into the mountains. Then disappeared without a trace.

Now comes the decision, do we travel north to save these “gods” who show no compassion for mortal beings and perhaps save the world, or do fulfill a promise made to our mortal ken at Westerfall keep to return to save it from the demon hoard.

[3-4] Hero's Log: Explorer Chronicles

We awoke to a beautiful sunrise for our first morning on the island. We strolled out of our hut and found many people already milling around. On the hunt for breakfast, we found a gentleman by the name of Jerry who gladly filled our bellies with an incredibly bland mush. When speaking further with Jordan and Jerry, we questioned how the island inhabitants could defend themselves with hardly a weapon in sight. We quickly rebuffed their comments about the demons not swimming with tales of some of the flying demons we’d encountered and defeated. At this, Jerry mentioned that old Zaebs’ position of moving further west was now strengthened.

With that we asked to speak to this Zaebs, an older fellow and the hardiest captain on the island. The whole lot of us discussed taking the large ship out to try to explore the uncharted west. Our group, knowing we had been tasked with heading west, agreed that this was the best course of action and offered to travel along. Our voyage would take us three days to the west and three days back. In the day it would take to prepare the ship, the group broke off to their own various activities. I took this opportunity to regale the islanders in my, I mean our, valiant adventures. They hung on every word and clamored for more tales. Unfortunately for me, it seems there are no stone carvers on the island, as nobody stepped forward with offers to immortalize my visage in statue form.

The next morning, as we prepared to set off on the ship, Zaeb did a double-take at Alexander & Ullfgard’s armor. After much arguing, he finally agreed to allow them to board with it, so long as they consented to keeping it below deck. To help aid the seasickness I had experience on the voyage to the island, Zaeb gave us all special herbs. I took a dose immediately. By noon, I was glad I did as the ship was really rocking. By that night it was quite bad. Shortly into the second day, we reached as far west as anyone had gone before and continued to push further. While the rest of the day was uneventful, the night was filled with terror.

Six of the flying Babao demons circled the ship and attacked, 2 of which breathed fire. I instructed the shipmates on deck to lower the sails to prevent them from being damaged in the battle. The tensions of the battle were high and included the following highlights; Ullfgard blowing his horn to summon the barbarian women. The red Babao setting fire to the ship. Ullfgard and Tetsuotoko both falling overboard when a large wave crashed into the ship. Van jumping overboard to help rescue them. Tetsuotoko fashioning a harpoon from an arrow and rope to impale one of the red Babao. Ullfgard miraculously remembering the Frost Brand I loaned to him was able to extinguish fire.

At the conclusion of the battle, the shipmates were panicked and all wanted to return the island immediately. Knowing that the best course of action was to instead spend the third day continuing the mission we set out, we tried to convince them. Some through diplomacy, and others through intimidation. Fortunately the captain sided with reason and our voyage continued west. Unfortunately, the third day yielded no great discoveries, so we were forced to head back toward the island emptyhanded.

On the return trip, we spoke further with Zaeb. Through the tales of our great adventures and bravery, we uncovered that he was much more than a simple sailor. He is the god Gozreh and very excited to hear of the haven where Sarenrae and the other gods are gathering. We completed the final day of the journey and returned to find the island in ruins…


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